Back to Nature

November Back to Nature: Wood Workshop vol. 2 Report

Location: Sawai

Participants: 11 campers, 2 LITs, 2 care workers, 3 corporate volunteers, 18 MM volunteers

Sponsor: Ralph Lauren

Date: November 18, 2017
Despite the cold and cloudy November weather, spirits were high as a we gathered in Sawai. We kicked off the program with some English games! Then we divided into teams and created unique team names and awesome head count routines. Each team worked together to make nature art, arranging the surrounding sticks, stones, sand, and leaves into creative masterpieces.
After a hearty lunch we moved on to the main event of the day: Wood Workshop! The campers and volunteers worked hard to carve their own forks. By the end of the workshop, some forks had fun-shaped handles, some had sharp tines, and some had unique carvings etched into them. It was by no means an easy task, but everyone did their best and had fun!
A warm thank you to Ralph Lauren for joining us and to the MM staff and volunteers that participated in the program!