Back to Nature

November Back to Nature Program: Autumn Hiking Report

Date: Saturday, November 17
Location: Mitake
Participants: 26 campers, 9 care workers, 4 sponsors (BNP Paribas), 9 Mirai no Mori staff and volunteers

This month’s Back to Nature Program was a hiking under beautiful autumn leaves in Mitake!

Campers challenged themselves for a round trip of 6km-long, 700m-high hike. They made up groups with adults and started their journey to top of the mountain with “nature bingo” in their hands. “I am so tired!” –  although the hike was challenging to some campers, with the help of onigiri bento, no one gave up and everyone arrived at the top safely!

On the way back, each camper enjoyed the hike in their own ways doing creative activities they came up – running challenge, nature observation with binoculars, and photo model challenge. After the adventurous hike, campers shared that “it was great that everyone made it to the top,” and “onigiri bento we ate together was amazing.”

During the day, it was heart-warming to see campers make friends with each other, walk together, and enjoy the program regardless of which care home they came from. It has been 2 years since monthly Back to Nature Program started, and we felt that the bond between children who have met in Mirai no Mori’s programs has gradually strengthened.