Special Care Home Visit 2023 June

Date: June 22
Place: Chiba
Participants: about 20 children, 23 volunteers, 1 graduate, 6 Mirai on Mori staff/interns
Sponsor: Morgan Stanley  


On an overcast summer day, Mirai no Mori and volunteers from Morgan Stanley were able to visit a care home in Chiba. This was our second time together going to the care home and visiting and playing with the children there. As before, the purpose of this visit is for those from Morgan Stanley to be able to directly interact with the children that they have been supporting, as well as give the hardworking care workers a little support in playing with the children. As it is right around dinner time, the care workers are quite busy and the children are still full of energy!

We planned for a mix of activities including a game of soccer outdoors, but our cloudy day turned to rain and kept us indoors. Instead, we did some arts and crafts and took turns playing ping pong, which was also children’s favorite sport! The children were so excited to see everyone and had lots of fun conversing and playing games together! When it was time to leave we thanked the children and staff for having us, and hope to be able to play soccer next time in Autumn!