Special Care Home Visit

Date: October 26
Place: Chiba
Participants: about 15 children, 15 volunteers, 2 graduates, 3 Mirai on Mori staff/interns
Sponsor: Morgan Stanley  


   In a perfect Autumn weather, Mirai no Mori together with Morgan Stanley had the opportunity to visit a care home located in Chiba. The purpose of the visit is for volunteers from Morgan Stanley to keep in touch with the children they have been supporting for years, but also to support the care workers who are too busy to pay individual attention to each child during that specific time. Care workers told us that they get extremely busy with dinner prep and other chores between 5-6pm, when children do have energy to run around.

   We arrived around 5pm when children were all ready to play hard! Once all the volunteers and children gathered together, we divided ourselves into some activity groups that they requested: basketball, soccer, table tennis and chat about the career. They played freely even when it got dark, and all the volunteers were amazed how energetic children were.
   We also extended our invitation to the graduates who live nearby, and two graduates joined us. They also enjoyed speaking in English, talking about their daily life, and simply catching up.

   When it was time to wrap up, all the teams gathered again, and some generous Halloween treats were given to the children by Morgan Stanley volunteers. Thanks to everyone, it was a great visit to stay in touch with everyone involved, and make children’s daily routine a bit special.

”I was just wondering how to write about my strengths and what I put effort into during my university days for my job hunting. By talking to Morgan Stanley volunteers, I was able to gain a new perspective by learning that what I myself thought was normal could be a strength from someone else’s view. I was very grateful for the opportunity to discuss this with you so casually with friendly volunteers.” by program graduate

“As a foreign student, interning at Mirai no Mori, it was a very interesting opportunity for me to interact with diverse people, learn the communication skills, and also make friends.” by Mirai no Mori intern