Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2017: Session 2 Report

Location: Miyagi Prefecture

Participants: 28 Campers, 2 LITs, 7 Camp staff

Date: August 7, 2017 – August 11, 2017


Session 2 of Summer Camp was a blast! This time, we had 28 campers from 5 different care homes, 2 Leaders in Training, and 7 camp staff! All eyes were on the high school students in the Leader in Training program as they practiced what they’ve learned during their training.

On Day 2, roasted marshmallows were just the right thing to get everyone in the camp spirit! That night, some campers had trouble sleeping in a tent while others slept like a log… But everyone was able to find energy to hike in the rain the next day.

We can’t forget Mirai no Mori Summer Camp tradition—the MOlympics! MOlympics were held once again and each team did their very best and battled it out spectacularly! All those activities certainly worked up an appetite, which made the Dutch oven roasted chicken taste even better!

The last night of camp involved stories around a campfire. Each and every one of the campers shared their thoughts and memories of the trip. This is what Mirai no Mori is all about—sharing.

On the final day of Session 2, the Leaders in Training delivered their parting message and then it was time for the T-shirt signing! Everyone received a T-shirt emblazoned with the words, “We are a Team.” The souvenir was made even better with the addition of written messages from new friends!