Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2018 Report

Location: Miyagi Prefecture

Participants: 69 campers, 5 LITs, 21 care workers, and 18 MM staff.

Date: Session 1: July 30th – August 3rd, Session 2: August 6th – 10th, Session 3: August 13th – 17th

So many magical memories were created at Summer Camp this year! Over the course of 3 sessions we welcomed a total of 69 campers, 5 Leader in Training participants, 21 care workers, and 18 Mirai no Mori staff.

On Day 1 of our 5-days, 4-nights camp, campers arrived at the camp site in high spirits and we were pleased to see returnee campers doing a great job of showing leadership and helping new campers get comfortable! Teams were formed and each thought up awesome team names like “Fire Phoenix” and “Rainbow Beatle.” That night we had a team camp fire and campers were able to open up as we roasted marshmallows.

The next morning, Day 2, after campers learned how to use a compass, we went on a hike. Campers enjoyed their time looking for bird’s nests and animal footprints scattered on the trail. In the afternoon, with Mirai no Mori passports in hand, campers “visited” and learned about 4 countries: United Kingdom, China, Korea, and America. From Korean dancing to American snacks, campers’ eyes lit up as they experienced new cultures.

On Day 3, the popular Mirai no Mori Olympics were held! With their eyes set on the famous MOlympic trophy, all teams exhibited awesome teamwork and good sportsmanship! Teams battled it out by winning points not just from the games, but also from how they cheer each other on, their awesome use of English, and their camp spirit.The campsite was filled with words of encouragement like, “You can do it!” That evening campers tested their cooking skills and prepared a delicious Dutch Oven dinner.

Day 4 rolled around and with it came the long-awaited Stream Hike adventure! Wearing life jackets, helmets, and river shoes kindly donated by KEEN, campers showed their courage by taking on the rock jump challenge! A camper who did not do the jump challenge last year came back this year with new resolve. Since Day 1 he was eagerly awaiting the Stream Hike and when the time came he jumped with all his might as everyone cheered him on. In the evening, we held our last team camp fire where campers shared their thoughts and how the last few days have impacted them.

On our final day, campers and staff signed each other’s camp T-shirts and made promises to see each other again next time. We then ended camp with the Closing Ceremony where the LITs gave great speeches, and said our goodbyes. In the 5 days we all spent together, special bonds were made. We hope that campers will carry these memories with them and that these experiences have fueled our campers curiosity, fighting spirit, and sense of adventure to help nurture their growth.

We would like to thank you all, our sponsors and supporters from the bottom our hearts. Were it not for you all, another magical summer camp would not be possible! Looking ahead, we will continue our weekend programs and ask for your continued support. Thank you!