Summer Camp

2022 Summer Program Report

Location: Kanagawa and Tokyo

Participants: (3 days total) 22 campers, 5 LITs, 6 care home staff, 10 staff

Date: August 17, 18, 19 2022 *All days are day trips

We held day-trip-programs for 3 care homes that requested them, at parks near the care homes and on the riverbanks of Mitake. We were able to continue providing unique opportunities with variety of outdoor team building games.

Some of the children were impressed by the lunches they ate outside, while others happily announced how good they had become at draining water from the river. The most popular game was Capture the Flag. Each team ran around until the very end, thinking of defenses, offenses, and strategies.

The LITs, after their summer camp experience, were also very reliable supporters and role models for the campers, each with his or her own role to play.

While there were fewer opportunities to play and run freely during COVID, everyone had an energetic time, regardless of whether they were adults or children.

Camper’s comment

After losing the whole time, I was very happy that we were able to win the Capture the Flag game since we all worked together to come up with a plan to win.

LIT comment

I was amazed at the campers’ energy. Some of them were shoulder-deep in the water when they were playing in the river, and I was impressed by how much fun they were having.

Staff comment

The children were nervous at first, but the staff created a great atmosphere, and everyone was able to spend time together with smiles on their faces. It was great to see the children smile and laugh so much even though they had never met each other before.

Once again, we would like to thank all of you for your support.