Summer Camp

Voices from Summer Camp 2019

By first time camper (grade 3)

Thank you Mirai no Mori. It was so much fun to have so many different activities. I especially enjoyed the stream hike. I was happy to be the youngest kid to participate in the big jump. It was scary at first, but I’m so happy I was able to gather up all my courage and jump. I’m also glad that I was able to make a lot of new friends.

By first timer camper (grade 6)

Thank you so much for inviting me to this camp. It was so much fun. I’m happy I got to learn lots of new things and made new friends. I have also changed. I now feel more brave and confident in trying new things. I’m happy that I got to be on a team with Sayuri, Ana, Kozue, Haruka, and Jeff. Truly, thank you very much. I am coming back!

By second time camper (grade 5)

This camp was so fun. As this was my second time to join, it was really fun. I want to go to the camp again next year. And the camp t-shirt is not only full of memories, but it gives me courage. Thanks to the t-shirt, I got second place in the softball tournament my care home just held!

By second time care worker

Thank you so much for the five days of Summer Camp. I got to see a side of the kids that I don’t usually get to see. And over these five days, I watched them change and grow. And, I had a great time too! Mirai no Mori’s activities always energize me.

By first time care worker

  I was told by children and staff who had participated in this program that it is fantastic and so much fun. I had the same impression on this program when I participated. I was deeply touched by the relaxed and happy children, not seen at the care center, as this was their natural self. They were lovely. I was also moved by the history of Mirai no Mori. The sowed seeds are surely growing to bear fruit. NPOs other than Mirai no Mori have continuously been appreciated and supported. Mirai no Mori is simply wonderful. After participating in the program I reflect on the fact that I haven’t been able to take positive action to personally connect with children as much as I would have liked. However I received many words of encouragement and will now use it as my energy.