Why do you support Mirai no Mori? vol.9 with Anne Smith

Series #9 with Anne Smith, translation volunteer & monthly supporter

As Mirai no Mori celebrates its 10th anniversary, we have been interviewing our supporters from various fields to share their “voices” with you. As valued partners who have walked together with us, they share their encounters with Mirai no Mori and the reasons for their continued support in these interviews.

This interview features Anne Smith, our long term translation volunteer for our annual reports. We have been privileged to receive her professional and dedicated support for this long time. She also became a monthly supporter in 2019, which we are grateful for.

Let’s hear what she has to say about her experience with Mirai no Mori.

What do you believe is special about Mirai no Mori?

Although there is a lot that’s special about Mirai no Mori, three things particularly stick out to me. The first is Mirai no Mori’s focus on the kids living in care homes. Mirai no Mori consistently supports these children that are facing unique and difficult circumstances. Second, is Mirai no Mori’s infusion of its five values (kindness, respect, leadership, responsibility and courage) in its programs. These are the same values that I try to teach my own children.The third is Mirai no Mori’s focus on the outdoors! I love being outside and I believe in the healing power of nature, so I am so grateful to Mirai no Mori for exposing children to the outdoors.

Why did you decide to work as a volunteer (translator) at Mirai no Mori?

Five years ago, I started to feel like something was missing. After reflecting, I realized that I was too focused on my own little world and wasn’t contributing to my community. I had always admired Mirai no Mori’s work and mission, so I decided to contact them to see if I could volunteer by doing something remotely. Since I am a native English speaker, I offered to help with English communications. Since then, every time I get a new job from Mirai no Mori, I am delighted to volunteer for them.

Why did you choose to support Mirai no Mori as a monthly supporter?

I believe in Mirai no Mori’s mission, and I believe that every kid (regardless of where they live or their family situation) is deserving of every chance to be successful. I hope the monthly contributions we make help to make more of those chances available to the children that Mirai no Mori supports.

Has there been any especially impactful moment during your time at Mirai no Mori?

Sometimes I get to translate the children’s reflection statements after an activity or an event. In these statements, the children talk about how much they grew or how they overcame a challenge. As I work at my computer, I often feel like I am going to burst with pride for them and their achievements. I believe they are truly remarkable, and I am honored to bear witness to their growth and play any part in supporting them.

Do you have any specific message for the 10th anniversary of Mirai no Mori?

Congratulations!! I am so grateful for all you have achieved, and so excited for the journey ahead. Huge thanks to the staff, supporters, volunteers, and most of all to the children who participate in Mirai no Mori and make it such a special place!

At Mirai no Mori, we believe that there is great significance in children’s continued participation in our programs. In order to continue to provide a safe place for children to learn and grow, we need your continued support.
We invite you to join the Mirai no Mori community as a monthly supporter so that together we can continue to provide children with opportunities to gain life skills.

We look forward to you joining us as a monthly supporter so that we can continue to help as many children as possible to grow happily, fruitfully, and independently.

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