Winter Camp

Winter Camp 2019 Report

Location: NORTHSTAR Alpine Lodge, Nagano

Participants: 43 campers from 9 different homes, 4 LIT, 11 care workers, 9 Mirai no Mori staff

Date: January 3-6, 2019


Winter Camp: We did it!

Thank you again to all of our wonderful supporters that made this Winter Camp possible. Due to your kind support, we were able to build relationships with new care homes that see value in our mission. In this Winter Camp, the teamwork between the first-time and repeater campers was remarkable and left a great impression on care workers and our staff. The 11 care workers from the 9 different facilities became integral part of each team and played very important roles in making the Winter Camp a great success.

The campers that insisted on snowshoeing to the waterfall on his own strength without holding hands. The usually shy girl that asserted herself and was very active in the English quiz, raising her hand every chance she got. The extraordinary environment of the Winter Camp brought out the inner greatness of each camper.

We believe every success helps build confidence, and any “failure” is a chance to learn and grow stronger.
In 2019, we ask for your continued support to provide opportunities for children to build confidence, learn, and grow in a safe and supportive environment we create together.


★Day 1 Highlight

The campers have arrived in Norikura, Nagano. 80% of the campers are repeaters, and everyone is already showing great teamwork and leadership!

★Day 2 Highlight

The day started with a Winter Science Program. Campers learned how to keep warm in the snow and other interesting winter topics. And then…SLEDDING! The Leaders in Training really shined. Everyone had a great time sledding together!

★Day 3 Highlight

We spent the whole day playing in the snow today! After some MOlympics activities to strengthen team unity, the campers headed out on a snowshoeing expedition to a frozen waterfall! Not one camper gave up, and everyone reached the final goal!

★Day 4 Highlight

And before you know it, it’s over. The campers enjoyed the camp until the last possible moment. During the closing ceremony, team leaders presented campers with 5 value medals, acknowledging the efforts and accomplishments of each camper. The campers said their good-byes, promising to meet again at the next Mirai no Mori event, before setting out on their separate journeys home.