Winter Camp

Winter Camp 2020 Report

LocationNORTHSTAR Alpine Lodge, Nagano
Participants: 34 campers, 6LITs, 7 care workers, 9 Mirai no Mori staff
Date: January 3-6, 2020
In-kind donors: KEEN (winter boots) / Costco&Second Harvest (snacks)

Winter Camp 2020.. We did it!

Once again, thank you very much for all the supporters who helped us to make this Winter Camp happen. We saw a great teamwork among first-time and repeat participants throughout the camp. Care workers from 7 children’s homes participated as “Big Campers” in the teams and helped to create the camp magic together.

From a boy that walked around in snowshoes without any help, to a girl that was once so shy actively raising her hand to answer questions to the English quiz, we were able to create an environment where each camper had a chance to shine. We believe that these experiences have led to positive confidence for all of the campers, and that each “failure” has created an opportunity to learn.

In 2020, we ask for your continued support to provide opportunities for children to build confidence, learn, and grow in a safe and supportive environment we create together.


★Day 1 Highlight

The long awaited Winter Camp at Nagano Norikura Kogen has finally begun! A wave of fresh energy is brought in by the group of new joiners among the energized repeating participants, making all the teams very excited!

★Day 2 Highlight

After the mysterious winter nature and experience of winter science that keeps you warm in the snow, it’s time for sleds and kamakura making! At nightfall, out on a night hike into the magical snowy world, it was a wonderful special experience.

★Day 3 Highlight

After the MOlympics, the campers that all became friends marched on towards the goal of the frozen waterfall! With encouragement from each other and holding hands, everyone arrived at the goal. On the final night, everyone reflected on the challenges they overcame and promised to meet again one day.

★Day 4 Highlight

And the camp is over before you know it! All the campers that enjoyed four days of snow, snow, and yet more snow received the certificates of completion with the messages from their team leaders at the closing ceremony.