Back to Nature

Wood Workshop – Our Own Chopsticks as a Keepsake

On a sunny day on November 20th, we welcomed 20 children, 4 careworkers, and 17 corporate volunteers to beautiful Mitake. The day started with little ice breaker games, followed by “Nature Art.” All the teams were very creative and presented their works in front of everyone in English!
In the afternoon, all the participants made their own chopsticks. Some became really sharp and smooth, others became a bit rough but unique in shape. We received a feedback from a care worker from children’s home saying that some children are keeping their chopsticks in their drawer since they don’t want to ruin them! But some are enjoying their food with their precious chopsticks that they made with us. All the children had a great time interacting with corporate volunteers as positive role models, and Mirai no Mori sincerely hope that we have planted the seed and spark in the youth for them to become more confident and happy young adults.
One of the key elements for this Back to Nature program is to create an ongoing relationship with the children. Please stay tuned for the February 18th report from another Back to Nature report… the theme is Art this time!

Volunteer voices –

Q. What was the most rewarding aspect of being a volunteer for the program?
“Being able to crack a little bit their distrust wall.”
“Hearing the children asking when will it be the next time.”
“To know that at least we are planting a little seed of hope in them even if we cannot see it in some of them.”
“It was wonderful watching all the children and corporate volunteers interact and become effective teams.”