Leader in Training

2019 Leader in Training program report #12

Date: Saturday, February 29th – Sunday, February 30th, 2020
Location: Takao & Mitake

For the Back to Nature program, we went back to the woods of Takao. The theme this time was to clean and organize for healthier forest. We picked up fallen branches, pruned underbrush, and made a “dam” on the hillside with those branches for better water flow.

LITs were in full swing again. Some were assigned to be the team leaders, managing the team from the initial orientation and headcount to the reflection at the end. Other LITs were in the support group, managing the distribution of gear, supply, lunch, and snacks. The tasks included both the back of the stage, such as preparing and organizing the gear, and the front of the stage, such as making announcements and showing examples. After the program, we all went back to Mitake for delicious meal and enjoyable evening.

On Sunday, LITs started the preparation for the graduation ceremony, which includes presentation for their Final Project and individual speech. They started with the Final Project, thinking about the message that they want to convey and the best format for the presentation. They eventually split into 2 groups, and worked on different segments, but there was a bit of struggle to organize and unify the idea and their roles. In the individual speech, they also started with the message that they want to tell, and to whom they want to tell it to.

There were some great ideas, and it’ll be exciting to see how they can organize their thoughts into a speech in 3 weeks. They also demonstrated a great teamwork that they have developed this year, by bringing different ideas and opinions together very effectively in many different situation and times over the weekend.