Leader in Training

2019 Leader in Training program report #13

Date: Friday, March 20th – Sunday, March 22nd, 2020
Location: Mitake

This was the last LIT program for this fiscal year. They started on Friday and spend 2 days preparing their Final Project presentation and the speech for the Sunday’s Closing Ceremony. The purpose of this year’s final project was to experience and share the value of life, and also to accomplish the project as a LIT team.

They have already decided on the contents and flow for the presentation during the previous program, and most of slides were already done as homework. However, once they all came together and looked through and practiced, there were many fixes and improvements to be made. Plus, they needed to work on their individual speeches as well, and they ended up working till late Saturday evening.

On Sunday morning, they all went and set up the venue, and were able to practice one last time from the beginning to the end, using the actual space and setup. In the afternoon, about 20 guests, including sponsors, camp staff, and care workers, came to see the presentation and the closing ceremony. The presentation went very smoothly and were able to convey everything that they wanted to, and they were also able to answer all the questions from the audience at the end.

There were many situations during the weekend that required coordination and teamwork, but as a team who have been together for an entire year, they were able to communicate well and work through them together. Everyone also worked on their own parts individually when needed to, showing the respect and responsibility for the team and the teammates. The result showed itself in the final presentation and the speech, where they received great responses from the guests.

We are very happy to see that each of them learned something new this year, and gained confidence, skills, knowledges, and connections in their own unique ways. And we look forward to seeing them on their next adventures, continue to challenge themselves, and learn skills to be able to choose and create their own future.

Thank you so much for supporting the LITs this year. Out of 8 LITs, 3 of them are graduating this year and entering their independent life. We will update you when we hear from them in the future. In mean time, the new team of LITs are getting ready for their adventure with us starting next months! We look forward to meeting the team and seeing what they will each learn in coming year.