Leader in Training

2019 Leader in Training program report #2

Date: Saturday, May 25th – Sunday, May 26th, 2019
Location: Tokyo University & Akasaka Office
Pro-bono partner: Pirates of Tokyo Bay


The theme for Back to Nature program was Touch Rugby, which was a first for Mirai no Mori. We learned the basic rules and the movement in a rugby field right in the middle of the city, with local rugby club members acting as our coach.

It was a very hot day, but with plenty of water breaks in between, we all enjoyed the game of touch rugby. LITs acted as a team leader for each team this time, as well as had their usual tasks of supporting activities and managing lunch. And even though they talked and practiced the last time, some things didn’t go as smoothly as they hoped, partially due to poor communication between team members. They will be in charge of similar tasks for next program too, so hopefully they can apply what they learned this time and improve themselves.

On Sunday, we met up in Tokyo again and continued their work on their goals for this program. They restated their own goals and the tasks they can work on during the program. They all had goals that were connected for their near future, and we hope they can all fully utilize this program to reach their goal.

In the afternoon, we had an improvisation workshop with a facilitator from “Pirates of Tokyo Bay”, designed to learn about communication and teamwork. The games and improvisation skits required listening to the other members and matching your words and movement to their intention, working on both listening and leading abilities. It was a unique and a great way to learn about communication and leadership.

This was only the second program as a team, and everyone was still seeing how they will fit into this team dynamic. The summer camp is coming up soon, and it will require a team effort to have a successful summer. We’re all looking forward to how they will form into a team in coming months.