Leader in Training

2019 Leader in Training program report #3

Date: Saturday, June 22nd – Sunday, June 23rd, 2019
Location: Mitake
Pro-bono partner: Wilderness Medical Associates Japan


The activity for the Back to Nature program was hiking in Okutama. LIT team was split into team leaders and the support staff, so that team leaders can focus on the team. Support staff had many tasks of supporting the program and the team, such as organizing and managing the gear, lunch, snack, and extra water to be carried.

The weather was cloudy at the beginning, but by the lunch time, it turned into pouring rain. Everyone, including campers and adults were covered in mud on the way down, but no one gave up and we all enjoyed the rainy mountain.

In the evening, LITs had chance to learn about the basics of cooking from the guest chef, while they all pitched in to prepare for dinner.

On Sunday morning, it was workshop on Wilderness First Aid, leaning how to sustain life and keeping themselves safe in an emergency; a thinking process that can be applied to other problems that they may face in life.

In the afternoon, we had a quick workshop on concept and practice of problem prevention, then it was the discussion on their final project for this year. Each of them had different ideas, and they were struggling to sort them out and form them into one project. The importance and the difficulty of communication, again, became apparent.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing how they work through this issue and move this project forward as a team.