Leader in Training

2019 Leader in Training program report #4

Date: Saturday, July 6th – Sunday, July 7th, 2019
Location: Takao & Mitake


For July Back to Nature Program, we went back to the forest in Takao. This time, we worked on creating a healthier forest by cleaning the stream in the forest. The goal was to restore a health water flow by moving rocks and sand, and cutting and removing the fallen trees and branches that were blocking the flow.

LITs were separated into 2 groups: team leaders and support staff. The support staff were asked to choose a leader and work as a team on various tasks, such as lunch and snack management, and tool organization.

They were able to come up with a plan and successfully managed all of their tasks. After the Back to Nature program, we went to Mitake, cooked dinner together and enjoyed conversations, English challenges, and a few games.

On Sunday morning, we went over the Summer Camp, which was only 3 weeks away. They learned about what the camp life will be like, the camp activities, packing list and their tasks during the camp. They also had a time to discuss and practice for some of their tasks. After the lunch, it was all about the Final Project. They began from the point where they stopped the last time, and the discussion started with many new ideas on contents, options, priorities, and methods. It was a great discussion where almost everyone had contributed in moving this project forward.

The next time they meet will be at the summer camp, where they will face a many new challenges with new tasks and responsibilities. We will be looking forward to seeing what they will learn from the experience and what they will bring back to the team.