Leader in Training

2019 Leader in Training program report #6

Date: Saturday, September 7th – Sunday, September 8th, 2019
Location: Mitake


Back to Nature program was the rafting program. There were almost 60 participants, including campers, care workers, sponsors, camp staff, and of course LITs. The rafting requires a strong teamwork, so after all the participants were split into teams, we spent the morning strengthening the team bond through games, and creating team names and headcounts. All LITs were assigned as team leaders, and they took on task of managing campers and other participants, who just met for the first time. It was challenging task, but they were all able to bring the team together, and fully enjoyed the wonderful nature and the river of Mitake.

Sunday was reserved for the final project planning. And they started with reconfirming the plan and the purpose of this project itself. While they had this discussion the last time, they found that what they were planning did not match the purpose that everyone was thinking of. So, they had to start the planning from the beginning, again. It took some extra time, but at least now the project is on the right path with everyone. It was great opportunity to learn the importance of looking at the big picture, instead of just focusing on the tasks in front of you.

Including the Summer Camp, they were able to meet 3 times in the past few weeks. But the next time they meet again will be in a month. The key to a successful project will be how well they can own this project as their own, and take responsibility for their tasks. We’ll looking forward to what they’ll learn through this project and in the last half of this program.