Leader in Training

2019 Leader in Training program report #8

Date: Saturday, December 14th – Sunday, December 15th, 2019
Location: Mitake


Back to Nature program this time was the annual Christmas Program.

In the morning, the campers were divided into 4 groups: Room decoration, Christmas tree decoration, Cardmaking, and Dessert decoration. Everyone contributed with their ideas and creativity to get ready, and welcomed 8 Santas on their bicycle. After quick games and warm Christmas lunch, it was the present time. Each camper had a message for Santa that they had been practicing in the morning, and everyone received present from Santa. After receiving the presents, it was their turn to be the giver. They chose and wrapped the presents and wrote cards to those who couldn’t come to the program, so that they, too, can receive the presents.

LITs were in their elements again, as the supporter of the groups in the morning, and as team leaders in the afternoon. Everyone moved into those roles smoothly, without requiring detailed instructions.

In the evening, some of the staff from the Summer Camp joined LITs for the Christmas dinner. It was an amazing evening with delicious roast turkey dinner and dessert, with a great company.

On Sunday, they started with the preparation for the winter camp, which is only a few weeks away. The repeating LITs took the lead in preparing and planning their roles and tasks, using their experiences from the last year. They remembered the general flow and some difficult tasks and came up with a plan for the current LIT team. There are more tasks, with more people than last year. Once again, it looks like a good communication will be the key to their success this winter.

After the winter camp preparation, it was back to the Final Project. There were plans and the homework from the last time, and it was going smoothly at first. However, they got lost slightly when they started revisiting the purpose and direction of this project, and it took them a while to get back on the right path. They will not have much time to spend on the project during the winter camp, so the progress will depend on how well they can execute the tasks remotely. It’ll be a great opportunity for them to test out their communication skills, as well as learn more about their own time management. We’ll be looking forward to what else they can gain from this project in the coming months.