Back to Nature

2019 September Back to Nature: Rafting Report

Location: Mitake
Date: September 7, 2019
Participants:  30 campers, 6 LITs, 7 care workers, 4 volunteers, 7 Mirai no Mori Staff


Program: River Rafting Adventure

It is September and that means it time for our annual river rafting adventure with  MITAKE RACERAFTING ! The Mirai no Mori Summer camp had ended just a few weeks ago and everyone was ready for another great day in nature.

We put everyone into teams so they could get to know who they would be rafting with. To help build team spirit we had the campers come up with team names, such as “Mountain Rafting” or “Fire Dragons”. For some of campers it was it was their first time and they did not know many people, but they showed courage and teamwork and soon everyone was getting along like old friends. After everybody got to know each other and the members of their teams we headed to Mitake river!

When rafting, it is very important that everyone strokes at the same time and works as team to paddle the raft forward. The 5 km river trip was challenging, but it was also extremely fun.

We took several breaks to let the campers regain their energy as well as enjoy the river. We skipped stones and swam in the river. The bravest of the campers took part in jumping of a small cliff into river. There was lots of splashing and shouting as everyone enjoyed themselves.

When we spoke with everyone after the rafting trip was over, we got a lot of positive feedback such as –

“It was fun to be able to paddle the boat together with members I met for the first time.”

“Two years ago with Mirai no Mori, I fell out of the raft into the river, and it was very scary. But I was glad to complete the tour without falling. I even swam a little this year!”

This rafting program is becoming a classic summer weekend program, and campers seem to look forward to it every year!

We want to say thank you again for PERSOL CAREER, MITAKE RACERAFTING, and all the volunteers for great support, and look forward to seeing everyone soon!