Summer Camp

2020 July Back to Nature: KIKORI Program Report

Date: Saturday, July 4th
Location: Takao
Participants: 14 campers, 3 care workers, 3 LITs, 7 Mirai no Mori staff

While things are not the way it was half-a-year ago, Mirai no Mori has gradually resumed our programs while adhering to our best practice safety guidelines.

At the beginning of this month, we held our first Back to Nature Program since February, in the woods of Takao. It was limited to a small number, but for some children, it was their first activity in the outdoors in months, and thus most of them were very proactive in the activities and had tremendous fun throughout the day. Some repeating campers have told us that they were practicing our camp songs from the videos that we have sent as a part of our Activity Kit. Mirai no Mori will continue to improve our programs so that the children can continue to expand their horizons, both during our programs and while they are at their care homes.

In August, we are planning day programs, with activities like hiking, river play, forest adventure, and woodcraft. In many activities, the children themselves will take the lead and use their creativity while engaging all 5 senses. Since we cannot have overnight programs yet, we are also considering new ways to stay connected with the children so that we can sustain the impact of our programs.

The safety of our program participants is and always will be our top priority. Mirai no Mori will continue to provide programs to the children in various ways as the situation evolves. We thank you for your support and we hope that you will continue this journey with us.