Back to Nature

2021 November Back to Nature KIKORI Program Report vol.2&3

Date: November 13 & 14
Location: Takao, Tokyo
Participants: (13th) 18 campers, 5 care workers, 2 LITs, 7 Mirai no Mori staff, 2 KIKORI partners (14th) 7 campers, 2 care workers, 3 LITs, 5 Mirai no Mori staff, 2 KIKORI partners
Sponsor: Morgan Stanley  Partner: Morito Odoru


We were blessed with great weather for both days, and we were able to experience Kikori under clear autumn skies.
After an energetic orientation and team building, we hiked up the forest to the activity site. Campers listened carefully to our partners on how today’s activity would help build a healthy forest.

We went into the steep area in the deep woods where we broke and cut the fallen tree branches into smaller pieces  to turn it into a space where air can flow and light can enter. In the afternoon, we used the collected tree branches to make “Shigarami,” which function as weir to help enrich the soil. Each team had a significant role in making this weir.

It was impressive to see the uniqueness of each team even in the same task. Some teams worked well together, with some using shovels to dig the soil and others to collect branches, while others worked hard together to make a small but dense Shigarami.
Campers also took on the challenge of climbing to the top of the mountain where we could see a beautiful view, made swings, climbed trees, looked for bugs, and enjoyed our time in the autumn forest.

“The swing looked scary, but I had a lot of fun when I got up the courage to try it.” By Camper

“I wanted to be a saw master, so I practiced a lot in the morning and afternoon, and I was happy to be able to cut a big tree in the end.” By Camper

“It was a very valuable experience for me to see a different side of the children from the one I see at the care home, where they enjoyed working together as a team and running around the forest.” By Care Worker

Thank you very much to Morgan Stanley for sponsoring this program, to all the volunteers who participated in the activities, and to everyone at Mori-to-Odoru!

We are looking forward to visiting the healthier forest again!