Back to Nature

2022 August & September Back to Nature: Rafting Report

Date: August 20, 27, 28, September 10, 11
Place: Mitake, Tokyo
Participants: (5 days total) 46 campers, 16 care worker, 5 LITs
Sponsor: Morgan Stanley, Oracle  Partner: Mitake Race Rafting, cafe monaca


It was the summery rafting season that the children had been waiting for. This time, children from 5 care homes participated, including some who had not been able to participate in the program for a while.
Since teamwork is the key to rafting, the team time in the morning was spent playing rhythm games and gesture games to strengthen team bonding.

Lunch was a curry lunch prepared by cafe monaca. This delicious curry has become such a popular lunch that LIT students previously asked for the recipe for their graduation.

After lunch, it was time to meet our rafting guides. While they are professional rafting guides, they are also wonderful role models who each have other jobs and many hobbies. After presenting to the guides the 5 values that each of children would like to work on, we were ready to go rafting.

After practicing paddling and learning how to rescue teammates, we set off on a 5.5-km adventure down the Tama River. Each team devised their own shouts, and got used to using the paddles as they went. The team challenges included water fights, jumps, a tug-of-war contest on the boat, and swimming, and they were all very popular.

“Paddling was fun, but lying on the boat and looking up at the big bridge from below was the most memorable part” by a camper.

“Some of the campers were afraid of paddling and jumping, but I was impressed by the way they all tried their best at it.” by LIT

“It was the first time for me to participate in Mirai no Mori in a long time, but it became a great summer memory for me to meet the familiar staff and enjoy an exciting rafting experience with campers.” by a care worker

“Every time I work with Mirai no Mori, I always try to keep in mind that “I” also should have lots of fun. I would love the children to feel the enthusiasm of the people who love and work in nature.” by a guide

We would like to thank everyone again for everyone’s cooperation.