Graduate Program

2022 December & 2023 January Graduate Program Report

In December and January, we had some graduates volunteering at a charity event and at our office, and hosted some check-ins..

We have one graduate who fell in love with Touch Rugby, both as a sport and for its warm community. At COTT, charity touch foot event, she volunteered herself to say opening remarks in front of everyone, and she did an amazing job!

Also, we had some graduates who wanted to volunteer at Mirai No Mori office, so they joined our interns in the office to work on some admin tasks.

“I was reminded that there are a lot of work that we don’t see put into all the projects. It was a great learning experience for me to realize what I take for granted.”

Other graduates have been telling us that they are graduating from University, or moving houses and it sounds like they have lots of exciting changes coming ahead for a new school year in April. We look forward to future events where we can hear all about it!