Back to Nature

2022 December Back to Nature: Christmas Report vol.1

Date: December 3, 4
Place: Tokyo & Chiba
Participants: (2 days total) 27 campers, 4 care worker, 6 LITs, 10 Morgan Stanley volunteers, 10 Mirai no Mori staff&volunteers
Sponsor: Morgan Stanley


In the cold December weather, we held a Christmas program with a group of cheerful campers. This time, we visited the care homes using a nearby park and the care home’s grounds to allow as many children as possible to participate.

Some campers were so enthusiastic that they ran around in short sleeves, despite the cold weather. After warming up by playing variety of tags, the last game of the day was “Capture the Flag.” The campers ran around while making their own strategies and discussing what kind of teamwork would be best for them to win!

Also, since it was a Christmas time, the flags were switched to Santa hats. Some campers were shy at first, but eventually many Santas made it to the finish line, while screaming “Ho ho ho”.

During the Christmas crafts time, everyone showed their creativity in creating one-of-a-kind Christmas art, with beautiful pine cones and colorful Christmas stockings.

Also, since the program was held at a care home this time, campers wanted to participate could do so at their own convenience. We had some of the campers taking a peek at the program, and there were those who we had not seen for several years, and we had a lot of fun talking about the old days and how much they have grown.

“I was sad that I got caught without scoring at Capture the flag, so next time I will run faster!”

“I was happy that I was able to make the Christmas craft that I had planned since the night before. I used a lot of pine cones painted gold, which we didn’t have last year.”

Thank you to the Morgan Stanley volunteers who not only sponsored the event but also ran around a lot with the campers!