Graduate Program

2022 June Graduate Program Report 

Mirai no Mori graduate program is being developed by responding to the needs of each graduate flexibly. 

During our check-ins with some of the graduates in the spring, two of them who were entering their third year of college requested “interview advice workshop,” and we were able to put together a program with the cooperation of Morgan Stanley, our long-term partner.

In anticipation of internship and job hunting, they shared with us that they felt the need of getting ready for interviews. “I want to know what interviewers are looking for in students.” “I have little experience in interviewing, so I want a chance to practice while receiving advice from someone who have lots of experiences.” We were able to conduct a one-hour workshop face-to-face with them, with COVID-19 measures in place.

After the six volunteers with variety of interview experiences introduced what they look for as interviewers and what they consider important, the graduates were divided into groups and had the opportunity to discuss their actual questions and their strengths. 

Volunteer’s Voices

“As an interviewer, I don’t look at whether you are knowledgeable or talented; I look at what’s inside you as a person, whether I want to have you as a colleague, whether you are passionate, whether you are energetic, and so on. During the interview, I will talk to the candidates in a way that brings out their personality, so I would love Mirai No Mori graduates not to worry about how they look or whether or not they can use difficult vocabulary; it’s important to convey what they want to say.”

“The first impression is important. Both graduates were able to look at us in the eye and convey their desire to communicate in their own words. It is also important to have a lot of practice to gain experience, so we would love to help them with mock interviews or casual consultations in the future. We are rooting for them.”

Voice of graduates

“I was worried because I often speak without a coherent thought and end up faltering, but I was a little relieved when I heard that it is more important to do my best to convey what I want to say. I also heard that internships and other opportunities help you get an image of the place, people, and industry you want to work in, so I decided to apply for various types of internships for this Summer.”

“I thought I was the one being evaluated at the interview, but when I heard that it was also an opportunity for me to choose the people and places I wanted to work with, that was eye-opening. Also, there were times when I didn’t try because I was afraid of being rejected, but when I heard that there will be a good match when you present yourself in your own way, and that one of the volunteers submitted applications to about 50 companies for job interviews, I decided to give it a try! I was advised that everything I have experienced and felt is connected, so I will look back again so that I can tell the story of my values from my own experiences.”

In addition, we are also grateful to Morgan Stanley for giving books with powerful messages to our graduates who are now in a new chapter of their lives. We hope that many more graduates will pick up those books in the future to be inspired with great wisdom in variety of books given to them.

Voices of Graduates

“The comments make me more curious to read them.”

“There were some books that I wouldn’t have read myself, but they seem to be filled with all sorts of sparks, so I’ll look for a good time to read them with an open mind.”

Voice of Volunteer

“I think you will be busy with your work and personal life as you enter the workforce. Looking back on my life as a working adult, it seems that when I am absorbed in my daily life, I tend to forget about the ideals and dreams I used to have. Why not pick up this book to help you remember the big picture that is so important in life, and to inspire you to keep your dreams alive?”