Leader in Training

2022 Leader in Training program report: August

Date: August 1-10, 17-20, 24, 25, 30
Location: Miyagi, Tokyo, Kanagawa

   August was a very busy month for LITs. We finally had our Summer Camp after three years, and although it was a smaller-scale camp, inviting one care home at a time, we were able to let LITs participate in their chosen sessions. Their primary role at the camp was supporting the kitchen and activities. Leaders were selected for each role, and they became responsible for getting instructions from camp staff, communicating with the rest of the team to assign tasks, and overseeing the completion of each task. They took on many crucial parts in activity support, such as keeping scores and being judges for the “Molympics”, preparing lifejackets and helmets for the stream hiking, and looking after campers who needed help. In the kitchen, they helped with meal preparation, serving, and clean-up for every meal, as well as supervising campers and making menu announcements in front of everyone.

   They had similar tasks every day throughout the summer camp, so there were many opportunities to improve using what they had learned the days before. LITs became more efficient at their daily tasks, and since a few LITs participated in two sessions in a row, their teamwork also improved. By the end, they were able to complete their tasks without detailed instructions from the staff and became an indispensable part of the camp team. We planned to have three sessions; however, the third session was canceled due to COVID in the care home. Instead, LITs planned and went for a sightseeing tour utilizing the extra time they had in Tohoku. Overall, it was a very fulfilling two weeks.

   After the summer camp, we had more programs with care homes that requested day programs. LITs did an amazing job showcasing the teamwork they gained at the summer camp. They acted very proactively on their tasks, supporting activities, and managing lunch. There were also many occasions where they were able to think ahead and prepare gear and supply in advance and divide responsibilities before each activity. In the evening, staff and LITs had a great time preparing dinner together, learning more about each other, and enjoying games to decide on dishwashing duties.

   LITs finished off the month with four workplace visit programs. We visited companies and workplaces that we don’t usually come across in our daily life. They were introduced to new industries and learned about systems that work behind the scenes in society. The LITs also had opportunities to talk and ask many adults about their career paths, lifestyles, and experiences. This new knowledge will be very helpful when they are thinking and planning their own future.

   The pandemic continued to affect us in many ways, such as the cancellation of a session and last-minute changes in camper numbers. However, we are happy to report that all staff and LITs had a very enjoyable and successful summer, and all are in good health!