Leader in Training

2022 Leader in Training program report: July

Date: July 2-3
Location: Mitake

   Saturday’s Back to Nature was a dairy farm program. LITs had the usual tasks of supporting activities and lunch. Lunch preparation had additional tasks this time, including cooking, table setting, serving, and cleaning up. They also had the chance to join the campers in fun farm activities, feeding and petting cows, milking a cow, and watching a farmer shear a sheep.

   On Sunday morning, we had another communication workshop, this time on giving proper directions. LITs took a turn to describe a shape on paper in words, and others tried to recreate it on their paper. It was a very simple activity but more difficult than they first thought. They missed crucial information and realized some perceptions were different between members. However, after several tries, they started to be creative and using common items to describe length, like a cap of a pen. The members receiving the direction also became more active in communication, asking questions and confirming. It was a great exercise for a leader and as a member of a team.

   After the workshop, we went for an easy hike, testing their new KEEN hiking boots. It was a hot day, and the climb was steep, and everyone was sweating as we reached the top. We had a quick lunch and started to head down, but then it started to rain, and it soon became a downpour. Everyone was soaked in an instant, but it cooled us down, and we all enjoyed the refreshing walk and unique experience.