Leader in Training

2022 Leader in Training program report: June

Date: June 18-19
Location: Mitake

   We had another weekend LIT program with the Back to Nature program on Saturday and a communication workshop on Sunday. Activities for the Back to Nature program were Nature Art and Craft. While LITs had the usual tasks of managing lunch and supplies for crafts, they also participated in the activity to create their own art. Nature Art was a team activity, and it required leadership and teamwork. They struggled to unify the ideas in the beginning, but by the end, their teamwork came through and finished with a unique art using small rocks and pebbles.

   In the communication workshop, they were first asked to make a speech on topics of their choice. In the second round, they were asked to give a presentation on their idea for the final project. Because it had a specific purpose of conveying the ideas and convincing others, they had to think differently about the contents and how to explain them to others. Communication is an essential skill for their future. We will continue to provide opportunities for them in this program to practice and improve their communication skills.