Leader in Training

2022 Leader in Training program report: May

Date: May 14-15 & 28
Location: Takao & Mitake

  We had a weekend LIT program where they had a few workshops one day and acted as support staff for the Back to Nature program the next day. They first learned about teams and leaders in the workshop and when they were needed. Then, they used that knowledge in the next workshop on project management.

  They tried to complete a few projects with increasing complexity and experienced the difficulty and importance of teamwork and communication. These are the skills that will undoubtedly be very useful in the future. We will continue to create and provide opportunities for them to practice and gain these skills in the coming programs.

  In the Back to Nature program, LITs were in charge of managing gear and lunch and showing examples of activities in front of the campers, which were all crucial parts of the Back to Nature program. The level of responsibility and the teamwork required to accomplish these tasks were new to most members, and it was a fresh experience for them. LITs joined a day-hike program at the end of the month where they had similar tasks, and the preparation and communication between the members were much smoother. We have already started to see the effect of regular and continuous programs.

  We are looking forward to what they gain and develop this year, both as a team and individually.