Leader in Training

2022 Leader in Training program report: October

Date: October 1, 2, 8, 9-10
Location: Ome, Takao Tokyo & Shizuoka

   October was a month full of activities for LITs. We had forestry and rafting Back to Nature programs at the beginning of the month, and LITs were great support from the preparation to the cleanup. They communicated well with the staff to confirm their roles and plans before the program. They were also becoming familiar with the program and were a great help in supporting the campers and the leaders. Some even led the team activities, such as creating team names and managing reflections at the end.

   The following weekend was the time to execute the LIT project they had been working on for over a month. The plan was to try paragliding on the first day and sightseeing on the second day in Atami. Unfortunately, they were notified the day before that paragliding was canceled due to the strong wind in the forecast. So, they researched alternative activities and decided to go to the frog and reptile zoo near Atami. Some members had a strong interest in animals, particularly in reptiles, so while it was different from the initial plan, they really enjoyed the visit. The second day went just as they had planned. They walked to a shrine nearby, stopping at a few sweet dessert stores they had researched on the way. They also had a delicious lunch at a local seafood restaurant, walked along the beach, and enjoyed the delicious and relaxing trip.

   They encountered a few issues during the planning process of the project. Because there was a limited time that they were face-to-face, they had to figure out different ways to communicate with each other. The project almost came to a stop when one of the key members suddenly became unavailable, but they were able to reorganize roles and tasks with the rest of the members to keep the project going. There were many “firsts” for the LITs, such as planning an entire trip on their own, inquiring about stores, and making hotel reservations. For some members, it was their first time staying at a hotel. Despite a few issues along the way, the project was a success, and they are already talking about the next project. We’re looking forward to seeing how they will apply what they learned to the next one.

“I was very happy to see that other LITs were enjoying the food from the shop I researched and found. When things didn’t go as planned, we didn’t have an alternative plan. Next time, I would like to think ahead and be prepared for potential problems.”

“Making a reservation for a hotel was more difficult than I first thought. But we found one with a good location and food in the end. I think my task would have gone much smoother if I communicated more with my teammate, so for the next time, I will keep that in mind.”

   At the end of the month, the staff visited their homes and had individual check-in with each LIT. This year’s program is already half done, and we wanted to confirm the goals they set at the beginning of the year. We also discussed the goals for the rest of this year and beyond and the steps they can take to achieve them. There are still many programs left this year and many opportunities for them to experience and gain new knowledge and skills.