Leader in Training

2022 Leader in Training program report: September

Date: September 10-11
Location: Ome, Tokyo

   Summer break is over, and so is the busy program schedule. The LIT program has now gone back to the regular once-a-month weekend programs. The September Back to Nature was an ever-popular rafting program. Most of the LITs had experienced the rafting program at the end of the summer, so they were a great help from the beginning. They knew the flow and the support we needed for the activity and managed lunch from the preparation to clean-up without any detailed instructions. They also joined the teams with campers and thoroughly enjoyed rafting, swimming, and jumping into the water.

   In the evening, they asked the staff member to prepare dinner and started to work on the LIT project. They had a vague idea of what they wanted to do, and now they needed to develop it into an executable plan. They started by coming up with a to-do list, assigning tasks to each member, and creating a communication plan. Their aim was to create a plan so that they could work on the project without meeting each other between programs. By the end of the evening, they were able to get to a point where each member could work on their assigned tasks separately.

   In the recent Back to Nature programs, LITs were great at supporting the activities, but we felt that it had become a routine and lacked opportunities for learning something new. In this project, they have already encountered the complexity and challenges of project management and new ways to communicate with each other. We look forward to a successful project and opportunities for them to gain new knowledge and skills through this project.