Back to Nature

2022 May Back to Nature: KIKORI Report

Date: May 15
Location: Takao, Tokyo
Participants: 14 campers, 5 care workers, 6 LITs, 8 Mirai no Mori staff, 2 KIKORI partners 
Sponsor: Morgan Stanley  Partner: Morito Odoru


We were able to host an activity to build a path at the top of the forest with the energetic campers.
Campers who we had not seen for a long time seemed to have grown up, and the repeaters were very active from the very beginning.

Teams were formed with team names such as “Green Tree” and “Sky Tree” and creative head-counts, all ready for the KIKORI experience.
This time, we did an activity to “build the soil,” which involved creating a path at the top of the forest, where we had never been before, so that water could flow through the ground properly and the earth could breathe more easily.
Teams were responsible for using shovels, scissors and other tools as they dug trenches, filled in leaves, and made progress toward leveling the path.

After a delicious lunch on the ridge, we worked together in single file to clear a narrower pathway.
Our KIKORI partner gave us a “120 points!” for what we all worked on: we turned narrow and slanted path into flat and healthier one for the forest. 

“I was scared because it was full of worms and insects, but I was happy to be able to touch them a little at the end.” By camper.

“It was impactful for me to see that if each one of us worked a little bit harder, we could create the path to such a large extent.” By Leader in Training participant

“It was tiring carrying everyone’s lunches back and forth up the mountain, but it was fun.” By Leader in Training participant

“It was the first time for me to make a path in the forest, and I was really absorbed in it with the children.” By care worker

We would like to thank Morgan Stanley for sponsoring this program, all the volunteers who took part in the activities, and everyone at MoritoOdoru.
We look forward to the next KIKORI experience!