Graduate Program

2022 October-November Graduate Program Report

In October and November, we were able to engage with graduates in a wide range of activities, including career sessions, BBQ get-together, and sending out care packages to those who requested.

In October, Mirai no Mori interns, who are also university students, joined graduates for an event. It was a great opportunity for them to enjoy English conversation, receive advice on how to study English and travel abroad, and to have fun talking about hobbies and job-hunting tips.

In November, we held mock interview sessions with the help of Morgan Stanley volunteers, after two sessions of figuring out their strengths and how to write their resume. One of the graduates said she were so nervous that she could not eat much on the day, but they did great with two 30-minute mock interviews, listening carefully to what they needed to improve for the next time and taking good notes.

“I was able to practice the interview as if it were a real one, and I was able to convey what I wanted to say, which gave me more confidence. I would like to continue practicing based on the advice to keep my talk more compact and impactful.”

Another graduate who wanted advice on her future career also found it really meaningful to be able to talk with experienced volunteers.

“They asked me a lot of questions to think about what I want to do in the future, and I realized that I am still lacking in research and thinking. This helped me to be more specific about my future dreams and next steps, and it gave me more motivation.”

The annual turkey BBQ party, which was attended by five graduates, welcomed Mirai no Mori board members and staff from KEEN and A-yard, whom the graduates had known since their time as LIT participants. They all had a chance to talk with many people with different life styles, values and ways of thinking to broaden their views.

“I was encouraged to see that the alumni I met at the same social event last year have moved forward.

“As a board member, I am very proud and happy to see that after 10 years of Mirai no Mori activities, our graduates are back here, working on their own career paths. I look forward to meeting the them again and hearing their stories in coming years.”