Graduate Program

2022 September Graduate Program Report

Responding to the request of two third-year university students who are actively utilizing Mirai no Mori’s network and are currently job hunting, we held another session on finding one’s strengths with the cooperation of Morgan Stanley. In addition, one of the graduates who is about to change jobs also participated, and we talked about their concerns and questions in a friendly atmosphere.

We also had a special opportunity to meet the president of Morgan Stanley, Mr. Tamura, so show our deepest gratitude for their continued support. All three of the graduates were very nervous, but he was very friendly and kindly answered our question: “Why did you become a president?”

Then we also had a session with one of the graduates who wanted to know more about bank. Thanks to the support from Morgan Stanley, she was able to meet 5 volunteers who shared their experiences and advices.

Voices of Graduates 

“After talking to the volunteers and answering their questions, I realized that I actually have something that I care about, and that I am interested in pursuing. I could not have realized this on my own, so I would like to use this as a basis for finding my strengths and interests for job hunting.”

“When I asked the volunteers what they thought was important to be a trustworthy person, they all said “a person who keeps his/her word,” which struck me as someone who is often late. I realized that even though it is something obvious, it is still very important. I was also nervous to talk with the president of such a large and trusted company, but it was a very special opportunity, and it was a very valuable experience!”

Voices of Volunteer

“I see growth in graduates every time I meet them. It’s amazing to see how capable they are now to ask questions, and share their opinions.”

Also with another graduate who is considering a career change, in addition to checking in via ZOOM, we also spoke in person over lunch. He is searching for ideas and methods to rebuild his life back after leaving the school and job. We hope he will continue to utilize Mirai no Mori as a network where he can reach out any time.