Leader in Training

2022 Workplace Visit Program: Avery Dennison

Date: July 25, 2022
Location: Tokyo

   Utilizing the weekday during the summer break, a few high school students visited the office of Avery Dennison, a world-leading materials science and manufacturing company. When we entered their meeting room, to our surprise, employees from all over the world gave us a warm welcome from the large screen. After a quick introduction, the country manager gave us a presentation on the industry and their business, and we learned about the B to B (business to business) industry. They also showed us many of their products, such as printed sports uniforms and clothes labels, and we realized that we had seen many of their products in the stores we were all familiar with.

   After the presentation and answering all the questions from the students, they prepared an eco-bag printing activity for us. The students printed designs of their choice onto eco-bags using the graphics they made specially for us. Once they got familiar with the process, they became creative and came up with many unique designs. They also enjoyed friendly conversations with the employees about the company and their career.

   During this visit, we all realized that many people work in industries that support our everyday lives behind the scenes. The students now have new knowledge and a broader understanding of the society. Thank you so much for the fun and educational visit.