Leader in Training

2022 Workplace Visit Program: Gensler

Date: August 25, 2022
Location: Tokyo   Participants: 4 high school students

   High school students had an opportunity to visit Gensler, who also has been our long-time supporter through pro bono designing work, including our annual reports. They first gave us a presentation about the design industry and the company, using their current projects as examples. We learned that the design is used in a much wider variety of fields than realized, from open spaces to entire buildings. We also learned that user experience, such as the flow of people, comfort, and ergonomics is an essential aspect of interior design.

   They then gave us a tour of their office. It had very open meeting spaces and a library of material samples. The office has different-shaped chairs and tables throughout the room so the employees can choose how and where they work. One of the employees told us about a typical workday and the projects she’s currently working on. She also told us that the design can be from initial brainstorming to the evaluation of the finished product and could take years to complete, and good management is the key to a complicated and long-term project.

   Following the tour, they prepared a workshop for us on visualizing interior design ideas using 3D modeling software. The first step was for the students to imagine their ideal room or find inspiration from the internet. Then, using the design software, they created their ideal room by laying out different pieces of furniture, people and decorations. Students learned to use the software quickly and seemed to really enjoy the workshop, trying out a variety of furniture and layouts.

   One of the students commented in the end that he learned that design is used everywhere and that it takes a team of people working together to complete a project. It was an excellent opportunity to learn about the design industry and about being a professional. Thank you very much to everyone at Gensler for this valuable experience.