Leader in Training

2022 Workplace Visit Program: Jo Malone London

Date: August 24, 2022
Location: Tokyo    Participants: 4 high school students

   We had the opportunity to visit Jo Malone London, who launched a charity candle in May to support Mirai no Mori. After exchanging greetings at the spacious and beautiful office, we were led to a meeting room with a great view where we learned about the business and the company. It was very intriguing to hear about the history of the company, the organizations, and many social activities that they are involved in outside of their usual business.

   We also had an opportunity to hear from individual employees about their positions in the company and their career paths. We learned that there are many different roles in the company, and each role contains a variety of tasks. They told students that there are many options for a career, and it is important to keep a broad perspective. The students also asked questions related to their current interests, such as tips on better communication and time management.

   After the talk, we were introduced to Jo Malone London’s signature fragrance and the story behind it, and we even got to experience some of their cologne. Each student found their favorite fragrance and learned how to wear cologne from a professional. They also let us try their unique gift-wrapping technique, designed with a recipient’s experience in mind. We could feel that the passion of the fragrance creator and the brand pride is carried through every employee.

   Thank you so much to everyone at Jo Malone London for making time for us and providing such a great experience and learning opportunity.