Leader in Training

2022 Workplace Visit Program: KEEN

Date: August 25, 2022
Location: Tokyo    Participants: 4 high school students

   High school students had another workplace visit opportunity, this time with KEEN, a long-time supporter of Mirai no Mori. After a quick greeting, they led us to a meeting room where they displayed the new shoes for the coming year. In the presentation, they told us about the company overview, as well as various causes KEEN supports and how employees can get involved. It was helpful for the students to know that a company can provide extracurricular activities to its employees.

   Three of the employees then gave a talk on their roles at the company and some personal stories on success and failure. Each of them shared the important lessons they learned through their experiences and gave students advice, such as the importance of confirmation, having an open mind, connections with people, and ways to refresh and maintain motivation. This session was particularly helpful for students as they are all starting to think about their future after graduation.

   After a quick break, they were split into smaller groups and talked freely on various topics on a more personal level, such as their career paths and hobbies. Talking with many adults and listening to their stories will help the students gain a more concrete image of their adult life, enabling them to be better prepared for their next step.

   One student reflected after the visit, “everyone was so friendly and easy to talk to. It was good to hear many different opinions and ways of thinking.” Another student, who is in the process of planning his future, reflected, “I learned that there are many options for work, and it is ok to change jobs. What is important is to try.”

   Many of the students had heard of KEEN since they were campers through the shoe donations, so it was a very memorable visit to see the office and meet the employees. Thank you very much for making time for the students and providing them with such an impactful experience.