Back to Nature

2023 April Back to Nature: Game Day Report

Date: April 8 & 9
Location: Ome, Tokyo
Participants: (Saturday) 12 campers, 3 care worker, 8 LITs, 4 sponsors 7 Mirai no Mori staff / (Sunday) 12 campers, 2 care workers, 8 LITs, 8 Mirai no Mori staff
Sponsor: Oracle


In April, the first program of the new school year, the theme was “A New Beginning,” and the program incorporated elements of Easter.

Many repeater campers joined us again this time, and we asked campers to choose a leader from among themselves and left it up to the children themselves to put together creative team names, such as “Mint Egg Green” and “Strawberry Bunny”. After learning what Easter is about through the Easter quiz, the campers were asked to think about things they would like to start, or “new me”.” They came up with many great goals, such as “I want to be a police officer when I grow up, so I will exercise and study a lot,” and “I will try my best to wake up early to get into a good rhythm.”

After eating a delicious lunch on the riverbank, it was free time. As usual, each person’s individuality shone through as they enjoyed skipping stones, making stones towers, talking to to fishermen who showed us fish, and looking for creatures.

Afternoon team games included “Sneak Peak”, and the always popular “Capture the Flag” game with some easter element. Each team ran around creating their own strategies.

A new LIT team with 8 members joined the program as well. Each of them played a different role, setting a good example for the campers and having fun while supporting them.

“It was a new experience to be able to run around in the rain, slipping and sliding as fast as I could.” by camper

“I was so disappointed that the LIT got away from me when I wasn’t looking in Capture the Easter Bunny, and I won’t miss it next time!” by LIT

“It rained on Saturday and was sunny on Sunday, but the smiles on the children’s faces never change, no matter what the weather is like at Mirai no Mori.” by camp staff

Thank you very much everyone for making this program happen.