Graduate Program

2023 April Graduate Program Report

In April, we welcomed graduates as volunteers at a fundraising event and had a BBQ lunch with KIWL, a fundraising partner for this year.

Two graduates volunteered at the Imperial Palace Walk, helping at the reception and handing out snacks, while enjoying interacting with Mirai no Mori interns and participants. Many participants appreciated the opportunity to talk with graduates, and they were really helpful.

“When participants asked me to tell them what I learned at Mirai no Mori specifically in English, I realized that I couldn’t answer them very well. I want to and will reflect again on what I have learned through Mirai no Mori experiences so that I could communicate better next time.”

In addition, six graduates, including one new graduate who was an LIT until March, joined us for a special BBQ with KIWL. We prepared for the welcome lunch while listening to their updates on their lives and new challenges.

With Summer-like weather, 22 riders arrived, and were welcomed with an English speech by one of the graduates. Each graduate courageously introduced themselves in English, and enjoyed each other’s company over a delicious lunch.

There was a surprise at the end of the event: a road bike was gifted to one of the graduates who will participate in the final day of KIWL’s 500 km ride in June. Thank you so much for KIWL for this generous gesture, and joining us to meet graduates! Good luck to all 50 riders in their training!

“I was surprised to receive a road bike. I had a lot of fun communicating with many people who talked to me and cheered me on. I’m going to train hard for June!”

“I had never seen a big group of cyclists before. Everyone was fit, and all the bikes were so cool, and I was very impressed. I want to study English so that I can talk to them more.”