Graduate Program

2023 July & August Graduate Program Report

In July and August, in addition to participating in the Charity Touch Rugby event, graduates who had moved or found a job visited our office.

At the Charity Touch Rugby event held on Saturday, July 1, the graduate enjoyed reconnecting with everyone who he met during his LIT time, and had fun running around and playing Touch Rugby with other participants. In addition to interacting with people from the same team, he also had a lot of fun talking with Mirai no Mori interns before and after the event.

We also had some visitors in our office. A graduate who has been struggling to find a job but just found an apartment to move to visited our office and was reunited with a camp staff after a long time. Another  graduate who just received a job offer also visited us, and had a celebratory lunch with familiar office staff and interns. She happily told us how she was excited about planning how to spend the rest of her student life.

Also at Summer Camp, one of the graduates returned as kitchen volunteer! He had been participating since he was in the 3rd grade of elementary school and joined our Leader in Training program during high school. He was a great addition to camp, and so many campers and LITs enjoyed welcoming him back.

We will continue to create opportunities so that graduates can use Mirai no Mori as a place to visit and as a resource in times of need.

“The last time I enjoyed outdoor programs with him was four years ago when he was still in high school. When I met him again this time, I was relieved to see that his friendly and talkative personality had not changed. I was impressed by the way he overcame the ups and downs of his experience after leaving the care and the way he talked about his dream of eventually getting his dream job.” by Camp Staff

“I was able to talk with other Mirai no Mori intern who was my age and learn about different values from my own, which was very inspiring.” by graduate