Leader in Training

2023 Leader in Training program report: April

Date: April 8-9
Location: Mitake, Tokyo

   We had our first LIT program of this fiscal year, and we had all 8 members joining, including new first-year high school students. On Saturday, we started with the program orientation, introducing ourselves to each other first. Then, we went over the purpose and the outline of this program and how to utilize it to reach their goals. It was also a good reminder for the repeating member about the program. After the orientation, we joined the campers for the Game Day program, and LITs went straight into the supporting role.

   In the evening, the LITs worked on defining their goals and purpose for joining the program in the workshop. We had a similar workshop last year, and it was a good opportunity for the repeating members to adjust and reconfirm their goals. The new members had more difficulty coming up with their goals, as it was the first time they thought about it in this context. We will continue to work with them through this year’s program so that they will be able to set clear goals for themselves. After the workshop, we all enjoyed the delicious dinner and the conversation.

   On Sunday, we had another day of the Back to Nature Program. We gave LITs the tasks in the beginning and asked them to manage them as a team. They chose a leader and roles for each member and came up with the flow and the timing for each task. All the activities were essentially the same as the previous day, so even the new members were able to work confidently. They even had time to play with campers in fun games and joined the camper teams for the reflection.

   We have a good balance of repeating and new members in this year’s program. And we plan to have a full program schedule, including LIT projects. We are very much looking forward to seeing repeating members leading a new team, working together on new challenges, and gaining new experiences.