Leader in Training

2023 Leader in Training program report: May

Date: May 27-28
Location: Mitake & Takao, Tokyo

   In May, we had a day program earlier in the month and a weekend program on the last weekend of the month. In the day program, LITs had a workshop on teamwork, where they learned what a team is and how to utilize it and practiced working as a team using example projects. After the workshop, they had time to work on the purpose and personal goals of the program, which they started last month.

   On the first day of the weekend program, they had a workshop on communication. We looked at communication from different perspectives and practiced effective and practical ways. They have heard the words “teamwork” and “communication” being used many times before, and now they have a more realistic understanding of what they mean and how they can be applied in their daily lives.

   On the second day of the weekend program, we had the Back to Nature program in the forest of Takao. We had many participants this time, including campers, care workers, and corporate volunteers. LITs were split into two groups: camper support and program support. LITs in the camper support group were assigned to a camper team. They provided support, including explaining the activities to the campers and the volunteers, and played leading roles in activities. The program support group was responsible for several tasks on the operation side, including tool management, lunch preparation, and demonstration for the participants.

   There were many great learning opportunities for the LITs in May. Whether being in front of a crowd for the first time, finding out what it is really like to be a leader, or being assigned a task you’re not entirely comfortable with, it was full of discoveries and challenges.

New outdoor gear for new LITs

   This year’s new LITs received outdoor gear from our sponsors: hiking boots and sports sandals from KEEN and hiking pants and rain gear from Columbia. These items will keep them comfortable in all the outdoor programs, including the summer camp, as well as in their daily life, especially in the coming rainy season.

   Thank you very much, once again, for the generous support for the LITs and the program.