Graduate Program

2023 May & June Graduate Program Report

May and June were also filled with graduates taking part in events with our fundraising partner, KIWL, and participating in mentoring sessions with Morgan Stanley.

With a graduates taking on the 500km charity ride with KIWL, we had two riding training sessions, with the veteran rider who very kindly taught us how to enjoy road bike safely.

“The beautiful mountains and rivers we saw were the best part of the ride! I had never been familiar with cycling before, but I am glad to have learned about a new world.“I have been a bit overwhelmed by the hard work of a new full time job I started this month. But cycling, chatting, nice views, and delicious lunch were very refreshing, and I am looking forward to talking to many people from KIWL and meeting the children at the care home!!”

In June, she enjoyed the 60km ride and gave a speech at the children’s home at the finish line.

“It was a very enjoyable and moving memory for me, the Knights, Mirai no Mori, and everyone working together as one to accomplish something. I was only there for one day, but the team members were so kind and cheerful that I was able to enjoy riding the whole time. I was also happy to be able to interact with the children from the care home at the final destination. It was an experience I will cherish forever.”

Another graduate who participated in KIWL not as a rider but as a support volunteer also did a great job supporting all the riders and events.

“This whole experience made me realize once again that Mirai no Mori and other groups are supported by so many people. And I am glad that I got to meet many of them and enjoy talking to them. I also hope that the participation of Mirai No Mori graduates like myself and Reina in these events will encourage children from care homes to try new things. Thank you so much for your amazing support!”

The mentoring session with Morgan Stanley was also a valuable opportunity for the graduates, who are in the midst of their job search, to actively consult with the volunteers and hear various opinions on how they should take action to achieve their future goals.


A graduate who left the home this March helped us on an interview project with the help of a volunteer from Ni-maime-no-meishi. Although she said she was shy, it was very encouraging to see him talking with three volunteers whom he had never met before about various topics.