Graduate Program

2023 November & December Graduate Program Report

November and December were also months with many opportunities for the graduates to interact not only with Mirai-no-Mori staff but also with our supporters.

On Saturday, November 11th, we had a BBQ with camp staff & volunteers. Some got to reunite with them for the first time since the summer, and some after a few years. They told camp staff about the what they are studying or what they are interested in now. We enjoyed the delicious meal together. And in the evening, as a tradition carried from LIT program, we had very serious card games to decide who would be washing the dishes, which was a lot of fun!

At the “KIWL GoGo Run/Walk Challenge” held on Sunday, November 12, one graduate came as a runner and one as a volunteer! The runner graduate was in the 3rd place among the 10km runners and enjoyed communicating with various people very proactively. The volunteer graduate talked to lots of participants too to work on his mission to increase the number of followers of Mirai no Mori’s SNS. It was a valuable experience for them as it gave them a chance to practice being proactive!

At the Mirai no Mori Party held on Thursday, December 7th, 4 graduates came and one of them gave a speech at the party about his dream. Since it was his first time giving a speech in front of a big group of people, he had some practice with camp staff to prepare. He did great, and all the guests were amazed by his courage! It was very impressive to see how each of them was enjoying themselves, whether it was sharing updates with camp staff members they had not seen in a while or trying talking to people who they met for the first time.

“It was my first time giving a speech at a Winter Party, and it was a great experience! However, during the preparation stage, it was difficult for me to set my own priorities, and I wish I could have spent more time practicing. I think that speech was fine the way it was, but if I had prepared more, I think I could have made it better, so from now on I want to work on how I use my time more effectively and prioritize things.” by a graduate

“It was my first time attending Mirai no Mori party, and I really enjoyed talking with people I hadn’t seen in a while. I was especially encouraged by Kappy, who was an LIT with me, and was nervous in front of so many people, but tried and did an amazing speech. Next year, I will finally start my career after graduation, and I am full of anxiety, but I would like to learn from Kappy’s attitude of taking on challenges.” by a graduate

“I genuinely felt happy that graduates made time to come and see us at Mirai no Mori programs, even though they seem to be busy with college and part-time jobs every day. It made me think that they are comfortable and they feel like they belong here at Mirai no Mori from seeing them relaxing in the same space.” by camp staff