Graduate Program

2024 January & February Graduate Program Report

January and February were months with many opportunities for graduates to interact with campers and LITs, as 3 graduates participated in Mirai no Mori’s very popular Snow Program as kitchen volunteers.
The weekend snow program was held in Niigata, and the graduates had nostalgic expressions on their faces, as it was a place where they had joined as LITs themselves. They provided solid behind-the-scenes support for the program, assisting the kitchen staff by cutting the food and preparing it for serving. During the activity time, while playing with the campers, they also spent time as a reliable senior, enjoying the updates with the LITs they worked with, and helping the LITs who were leaving the care in March with any concerns they had.
“The LITs’ teamwork was impressive. I have not yet found what I want to do in the future, but I think I got some hints from participating in the Mirai no Mori snow program.” by a graduate
We also had catch up sessions with 2 university students who are about to enter the workforce, and who have been actively joining our graduate program for the mock interviews and company visits.
“It was nice to have a chance to sit down and talk about lots of things with a graduate for the first time in a while. I was very impressed by the positive energy that the graduate had while explaining about her newfound hobbies! She seemed to be anxious about the new challenges she will face after graduating the university, such as working and living on their own, but I knew that she will grow and develop their perspectives on many different things.” by Camp Staff
In the next school year, 3 new LITs will join us as graduates. We will continue to develop our programs to  their individual needs.