Leader in Training

2024 Leader in Training program report: February

Date: February 17-18 & 24-25
Location: Tsunan, Niigata

   This month’s Back to Nature program was the last 2 sessions of the Snow Program. As always, participants had a great time at snow play, sledding, snowball fighting, and making snowmen. We even had a night hike under a sky full of stars and a full moon. It certainly was a very special snow program.

   In session 3, LITs were split into activity and camper support teams, as usual, led by members who became leaders for the first time. The place and tasks were already very familiar, and they had seen other members lead many times before, but they quickly realized that being the leaders themselves requires different ways of thinking and communicating. They seemed slightly nervous but managed the tasks and schedule well, and with help from well-experienced members of the team, the program was a great success.

   In session 4, we changed the format from 2 teams to 1 team with all tasks combined, and one of the older members raised his hand to be the leader. They needed to adjust a few details, such as task assignments and scheduling, to fit the new format. However, every member was already familiar with the tasks, and the operation went very smoothly. There was a lot of opportunity to interact and play with campers, and the members had a very enjoyable final snow program.

   This was the last program with campers this year and the last as LITs for those graduating this March. It was a great way to see the teamwork they had built in this past year. It was also a great opportunity for the younger members to experience leadership in full, managing tasks, schedules, and other members. We were able to provide unique experiences for each member that they can take to their next stages.