Leader in Training

2024 Leader in Training program report: LIT Project – Oita Trip

Date: January 5-7, 2024
Location: Beppu, Oita

  The first time LITs met in 2024 was for the Oita trip, which they have been preparing as a LIT project since the summer. On the first day, we all met at Haneda airport in the morning and flew to Oita. After dropping off our luggage at the hotel, we visited the famous “Beppu Jigoku,” a series of natural hot springs in various formations. After sightseeing and a delicious dinner, we returned to the hotel, enjoyed the Onsen, and relaxed. 

  On the second day, we planned to visit an aquarium; however, we were notified that our return flight had been canceled. So they spent the morning arranging an alternative transportation and rearranging the schedule. Each member took on tasks to look up options and prices and make inquiries, and they managed to secure train seats for all of us. They decided to have free time in the afternoon, and it was up to each member to decide what to do. Some went to the aquarium, some went sightseeing, and some enjoyed different Onsens. Because we decided to take the train back, we only had a limited time on the third day, so we went for a quick souvenir shopping in the morning and got on the train. The train was full, and we couldn’t sit together, but we all made it back to Tokyo safely and on time.

  LITs encountered numerous issues during this project. One of the main activities, fishing, got canceled at the last minute before they left, so they had to devise an alternative plan quickly. Once there, there were more unforeseen issues, such as the restaurant they planned to eat at being full and the return flight being canceled. Each issue added new tasks, such as arranging new schedules and logistics. The cancellations also added a process for getting refunds for the tickets. There were also some issues as a team, most notably the need for more communication and a sense of responsibility. There were a few occasions where the discussion happened too slowly, and it took extra time to decide as a team. It was great for them to experience that a simple trip can turn into a complex project and the difficulty of managing a group even if they had been planning for months.

  All in all, it was a successful project. They were able to do most of the activities they were planning to do and had a great time sightseeing and playing card games together at night. For some members, it was their first time on an airplane. By participating in this project, we hope they have experienced the complexity of project management and teamwork and gained valuable lessons that can be applied to their daily lives.