Graduate Program

2024 March & April Graduate Program Report

March and April were a time with a lot of big changes for most of the graduates. Many of them were proactive to join our events including LIT Closing Ceremony and volunteering for Imperial Palace Charity Walk. 

At the LIT closing ceremony in March, graduates came to support and cheer for LITs. Their continued ongoing relationship with Mirai no Mori after graduating from LIT program was a positive influence on all the LITs. In addition, two graduates who are starting their full-time jobs started the trial “Buddy Program”, a monthly online zoom session with a volunteer. We are working to provide them with a place to think about the WHYs and the daily reflections that come up in a different environment than they have been used to. We also met with Morgan Stanley to celebrate the new beginnings of three graduating high school students and one graduating university student. After giving speeches about what they learned at Mirai no Mori, they practiced exchanging business cards and had the opportunity to talk about the topic of their choice, such as how to manage their schedule and how to cheer themselves up when they are down.

“The graduate program is a place where I can have many different experiences depending on what I want to do. I was impressed by the amount of experiences I was able to have that I would not normally have as a university student. For example, I tried skiing for the first time with the graduate program and had such a good time that I volunteered to lead a skiing trip for another children’s group by myself. Also, on a trip to Sano, Tochigi, which I participated in as practice for my graduation trip, I learned the importance of getting information and support from people who know the local area, which led me to discover places and history that I would not have known about without them. I will start my full-time job in April, but I would like to continue to gain various experiences so that when I become a school teacher, which is my dream, I will be able to share my experiences with my students.” by graduate

In April, we had a graduate participate in the Imperial Palace Charity Walk as a volunteer. It was a good opportunity for her to get to know the people who support Mirai no Mori, whom they do not have the opportunity to meet on a regular basis. It was also impressive to see a graduate who is now working and independent signing up as a participant and joining the walk with a care worker. Many graduates also came to visit us at the BBQ lunch with KIWL held over the weekend. We look forward to seeing graduates working with KIWL and other partners in the coming months of May and June.

“It was difficult to speak to the participants in English at the Imperial Palace Walk, but I am glad that I could enjoy the event by trying new things over the two days.” by graduate.

“I felt that the graduate circle is expanding, and the possibilities that arise from the connections between graduates are also expanding. I hope it can become a good community where they can inspire and enhance each other’s skills.” by Camp Staff